Friday, July 13, 2012

Many, many Sean & TMNT pics!

From the Dawn of the Con party at PETCO Park, sponsored by VH1. Source

Jason Biggs, Rob Paulsen, Mae Whitman, Greg Cipes, Sean Astin

Sean, Jason and their many new friends at NBC 7 San Diego:

From @AustelNBCSD

From @DavidNBC7

From @KushiNBCSD

From @MonicaNBCSD

From @melevision

From @TheSceneSD

Sean and Jason also have friends at Fox 5 San Diego!
From @RaoulFOX5

They like random people on the street too! ;-)

From fuckyeahcomiccon on Tumblr


  1. Great photos. I hope this comment goes through. I tried a minute ago and I don't see that one. Anyway, love the photos and as always, you do such a wonderful job with this site.


    1. Thanks! There are so many great photos out there to chose from! This site is a labor of love for me! :-)