Wednesday, July 4, 2012

John Rhys-Davies in The Hobbit? Alas no!

At least two popular Lord of the Rings oriented web sites have posted that John Rhys-Davies might have a cameo in The Hobbit based on this reddit post. As I was sitting right next to John at the time this incident happened, I thought I'd set the record straight.

John Rhys-Davies at Fandom Fest
Both John and Sean Astin were asked more than once about whether or not they would appear in the new movies. The first time John was asked in my presence, he answered that no, he would not be in it. He told the story of how he visited the set early in filming, went up to the actor playing Gloin (Peter Hambleton) and shouted "Daddy!" The second time, he again answered no, then when "pressed" jokingly said you never know or words to that effect.


Neither John nor Sean have filmed any scenes for The Hobbit, which is just now wrapping up principal photography. There is always a chance either or both could have scenes added in pickups, but I'd bet against it! It's a bet I wouldn't mind losing though! :-)

(John did however hint at an upcoming movie with another former co-star!)

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