Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sean in Adelaide Day 3

The University of South Australia posted an article about Sean's appearance at Oz Comic Con.

Photo and article by Amy Louise Maynard
It was time for the Sean Astin panel. Remember that scene in Lord of the Rings when the Isengard army are rowdily rabble-rousing outside of Helm’s Deep? Okay, now picture those Orcs holding bottles of Coke and wearing jeans and bright t-shirts, and you get what it was like in the line-up for Astin. 
The crowd went nuts as Astin took the stage, waving and smiling. Even though Astin admitted that he’s an old hand at doing the convention circuit, it was still excellent to see that he was excited to be there and treated the fans with warmth and respect. He thanked people for their questions, made sure that said questions came from a mix of men, women and kids, and also made sure to thank the Comic-Con stage crew. 
The Lord of the Rings featured prominently in the Q and A session, as one would expect, but there were also snippets from Astin’s time on The Goonies, his theatre acting, and part in film Encino Man 
Even he had the crowd in stitches, Astin had the audience hanging on his every word as he spoke about how much he loved working on the cultural phenomenon that is the Lord of the Rings. As he recited part of Sam’s speech at the end of The Two Towers, you could have heard a pin drop. 
Over far too soon, Astin paid his respects to Adelaide and Cooper’s Pale Ale, and bid his breathless and cramped fans adieu.

Sunday saw Sean doing more autographs and photo ops. Here are a few posted by fans.

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  1. So many wonderful faces!! Would love to know the story behind the photos of Stuman 11 and JuliaPuff (she's a lucky, lucky, lucky girl!!).

    1. Aren't those pics great? I bet many people who met Sean have wonderful stories to tell!