Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Demoted" on DVD and Blu-ray in June

"Demoted," a comedy starring Sean Astin, David Cross and Michael Vartan, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray June 12, 2012. It's available now for pre-order from Amazon.

"What goes around comes around for a pair of prank-playing tire salesmen (Sean Astin and Michael Vartan) who find themselves placed in secretarial jobs by their put-upon boss (David Cross). Now the two pranksters will have to climb their way back to the top."

I saw Demoted at the Uptown Film festival in Michigan a year ago, and wrote this in a journal at the time:
The movie was better than I had expected from the trailer, and everyone in the audience seemed to enjoy it. There was a bit of bathroom humor (including a scene in the bathroom), but also a lot of good slapstick and other funny bits. Sean had some very funny as well as cute and sweet scenes, and a couple places where his eye crinkles and general adorableness had me melting in my seat. Sean got the opportunity to indulge in a number of sports, including softball, bowling and jogging. There's also a very funny (and adult) scene where Mike (Sean) and Rodney (Michael Vartan) give anniversary present advice to one of the secretaries.  
After the movie there was a Q&A with Warren Zide, one of the producers. … I asked if there was much improvisation, as it seemed to me there was, and he said about 1/3 of what made it to the screen involved improv. They would shoot the scene first following the script, then do additional takes with the actors improvising. 


  1. Yippee! Oh, this is a funny movie. I wonder how much of the anniversary present scene was improv? I about choked on my popcorn on that one.

    Sean has "general adorableness" in all his movies (thank the heavens)!!

    1. That was actually the scene I was thinking of when I asked the question about improv!

      It is fun and I can't wait to see it on Blu-ray!

  2. When I first read the blurb, it reminded me of an event that happened at my husband's first job after we married. At the Christmas Party, one of the engineers was found doing a shameful act with a secretary. She was fired, he was promoted to work at the corporate office. What a sick world.

    Don't know why I shared that...but I'll watch any film with Sean Astin in it.