Monday, April 23, 2012

Hats were shipped today!

All #Run3rd hats were shipped today by either USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days delivery) or International First Class Parcel (6-10 days delivery). You should have received an email confirmation with tracking number. If you didn't, please contact immediately!

Many thanks to Lupe for all her hard work in getting these shipped to us to quickly! :-D


  1. I just checked with the USPS web site (so cool) and my hats were anticipated to be delivered today but I did not receive them. Hopefully, tomorrow. Unless the neighbors stole them. *stares suspiciously out the window* Since these hats are the coolest thing ever, we have to be ever vigilant! *stares at neighbor again*

    Thank you SAF, Sean and Lupe for making this happen. So cool.

    1. It's so cool! Everyone in the US got their hats by today! So you can let your neighbors off the hook and maybe invite them over for dinner!

      My part was the easier! Sean had to sign them all, but Lupe really had the hard part. She's a trooper!