Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sean Astin launches new #Run3rd web site!

Last evening, following the posting of a Q&A session with fans, Sean launched a new web site, dedicating races and running to friends, family, causes and ideas. There's a tab to it above, so it's always in easy reach!

Sean's dayglo running shoes


  1. LOVE the website. Thanks, Sean!!

    BTW, I am now an official citizen of Astination. Joined the ranks of Twitter just today (of course, am following Sean and SeanAstinFan). I may even one day figure out how to send a tweet. (More technical learning to do, I'm afraid).

    1. YAY for joining the AstiNation! You've gotten the hang of the other wild kingdoms on the internet, no reason you shouldn't be able to handle a little tweetie bird! ;-)