Thursday, February 16, 2012

Congratulations to Sean on getting Twitter verified!

Now he just needs 26,200 followers by the LA Marathon March 18!

The little blue badge that certifies he is who he is!
NOTE: Sean has changed his twitter name to @SeanAstin.


  1. So you are saying Sean is certifiable?!?! *snicker* Sorry, couldn't resist.....

    I really don't understand all this "certify" stuff but if it makes Sean happy then I'm happy!

    Congrats, Sean!!

    1. LOL! As addicted as he's become to Twitter, he may be certifiable!

      It just means that the officials at Twitter have verified his identity, but we knew he was he anyway!

  2. So.....SeanAstin_LA really is NOT SeanAstinFan but really is SeanAstin??? So who is AstinLand or is Astinland just a part of Astination?? I'm beginning to think that I don't really know any of you anymore!! *still snickering* I may not KNOW you all but I sure do love you all!!

    1. Okay Heidi pay attention!

      SeanAstin_LA = SeanAstin not= seanastinfan. My hair is longer though we both have green eyes and are about the same height. Still if you saw us together, I don't think you'd confuse us! ;-)

      Astinland is a totally different member of the AstiNation. AstiNation is a strange region of TwitterLand, where people speak in 140 character snippets and sprinkle their speech with # and @ symbols. They also say things like "Goonies never say die!" and "I can't carry it but I can carry you!"