Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy 41st Birthday, Sean Astin!

Forty-one of your friends and fans want to wish you a happy 41st birthday. I'll let them speak for themselves, but be sure to scroll all the way to the end!

It's all part of the plan, more or less! :-)

(If others wish to add birthday greetings, send a pic to run3rd4you at gmail dot com.)

In addition, here's a greeting from your first fan:

And finally, a couple of mini-fans who want to sing for you:

(The cake says "Happy Birthday Sean #run3rd")


  1. This is just EPIC! Thank you for doing this!!!!

    Sean, a very, very Happy Birthday to you!!

    1. Thanks Ellen! It was the creativity of others that made this so wonderful!

  2. I cannot tell you how very much I am enjoying the pictures!! SeanAstinFan, you ROCK!!

    Happy Birthday, Sean!! You are so very much loved.

    1. Sean's fans ROCK! I love how the photos are so varied and heartfelt!

  3. Happy birthday, Seanwise, guard and gardener of hearts! May all your days be blessed with the largeness and the smallness of the people, places and things you love best ~

    1. "guard and gardener of hearts" What a lovely phrase Jan! <3

    2. thank you! And another lovely 'phrase' is this tribute. Thank YOU for putting it together!

    3. *smooches u back*....

      Report from El Lay the Day After:

      Grey today,
      in the City of Angeles,
      grey as a wee mouse,

      grey as an....

      the celluolid city
      winds its film-ish clock

      and dreams upon statues of gold.

      But all the while,




      in heart (and happy hangover)
      the true wonder of the week.

      (PS I wonder if there might have been ......ferrets?)

    4. PPS: something worth noting: in posting the above, the first word that i was asked to type in (to confirm i ain't a robot (i think the robots should sue: that's discriminatory!)) was: "froadd"

      Since the words you are asked to type in are random, what are the chances of that?

      (next I'll be seeing the face of Jesus on my tortilla!)

    5. Oh Jan, what a lovely little poem! As always your words evoke such vivid images.

      If there were any ferrets, they were hiding quietly as they are alas illegal in CA. :-( But I'm sured they popped out to do a happy dance for the birthday boy!

      LOL on froadd. Bit of a typo, I'm sure they meant frodo! Be sure to check your food before you eat it the for next day or so!

    6. thank you!

      really, ferrets illegal in CA? About a year ago, visiting a friend in Burbank, there was a lady sitting out on the steps of her apartment who had one ......but i guess she must just keep it (mainly) hidden.

      I'll let you know if I see any images on my toast, tortillas, or over-easy eggs, no matter which savior they may be. I rather think Frodo would be on a chanterelle, with the the inscription "mine own"

  4. Aww, how wonderful was this?! No wonder Sean had tears in his eyes. I love all the Frodo and Sam dolls, and even his mom is there! Lovely, lovely. Thanks.


    1. His mom is a dear for taking part. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

      I love everyone's creativity!

  5. This is wonderful! Thanks so much for putting it together :) ~Kate

  6. sean we love you from ireland