Monday, January 30, 2012

#Run3rd Video

This video was created by @LindaofNote and @Astinland to promote Sean's #run3rd project. Please take a few minutes to watch and read about the project, and then follow Sean on Twitter. Thank you.

If he gets to 17,000 followers by Friday, Feb 3, he'll do a 30 minute Q&A on all topics, 7PM PT!


  1. Wow. I'll have to watch this video a few dozen more times. I started crying so hard I missed half the Twitter posts. Thank you guys for putting this video together. It's simply wonderful.

    Thanks, Sean, for being a catalyst for change and for being a hero to those for whom you run.

    1. Heidi, thank you! The idea of being a catalyst for change is terribly exciting, but mostly I'm just glad to have stumbled into a cool thing that means something to some people. Everyone who expresses themself and shares about their loved ones and causes they believe in is also a are a catalyst. We lead by example for better or worse. I want a us all to #run3rd for leadership!!!

      Sean Astin
      Guy who thinks #run3rd is cool

    2. Sean, thank you! One of my life quotes is from Gandhi. He said to "be the change you want to see in the world". And you ARE being a catalyst for change and it is so very much appreciated.

      Sean Astin Fan - thank you again. You're the best!!

  2. Heidi, there were so many more wonderful #run3rd tweets that we couldn't fit in the video. I hope people will check out the hashtag on Twitter to see them.

    Thank you for your support!