Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sean and "Adopting Terror" costars

Here are a few more pics of Sean and his costars for "Adopting Terror."

Sean and Shiloh Nelson, who plays the adopted child Mona. Photo by big sister Mary Jon Nelson
Joe Bohn, who plays a cop with Sean. Photo courtesy Joe.
Kristen Quintrall and Sean, photo by Kristen.

Fans of the popular 80s sitcom "Family Ties" will remember Michael Gross as dad Steven Keaton. Michael appears in the film as a staff member of the adoption agency.

Michael Gross and Joe, photo courtesy Joe
Trivia: Michael was in the comedy "Stay Cool" with Sean. :-)


  1. Great photos!! That little Shiloh is adorable! I am so looking forward to this movie. (praeriedikter)

    1. Sean is so good with kids, I bet they have great scenes together!