Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sean to run in Tinker Bell Half Marathon (Updated with finishers' medal)

Sean will be running in the inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon this Sunday, January 29 beginning at 5:45am. The 13.1 mile race starts and finishes at Disneyland Resort with a course through the City of Anaheim.

Sean will get this medal for finishing the half marathon.
"While the Tinker Bell Half Marathon celebrates women, it is open to everyone (ages 14 and over) and we encourage men to participate. Hundreds of men run our Disney's Princess Half Marathon each year and we anticipate the same will be the case for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon."  


  1. Hee! Oso is running in Tinkerbell's race! Gotta love Disney! :D I am so proud of Sean. I saw his Twitter about stretching his 14 mile run to 21 miles. *sigh* I would have to drive it!! However, as soon as the ice and snow leave the land, I'll be starting to walk. Sean continues to inspire. (praeriedikter)

  2. He's doing quite well so far! I know he's inspiring a lot of people!

    (I don't even like to DRIVE 21 miles, LOL!)