Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Update on Sean Astin's Animated Holiday Movies

Sean Astin voices the naughty elf Winter in the upcoming holiday movie "The Naughty List," which will premiere December 7, 6pm ET on Cartoon Network. The DVD will be released November 12 at the usual retailers.

Any guesses as to which one is Winter and which one Snowflake? Sparkle is the one in the middle. ;-)

The North pole on the eve of Christmas, and two elves get themselves in hot water. When Snowflake’s mischief-loving brother Winter goes too far with a prank, they both get stuck on the naughty list, doing a seemingly never-ending list of chores for Santa.  
Keeping them company there is a spunky young reindeer named Sparkle, who joins the boys as they try to make up for Winter’s misdeed. As they start to feel like they might never get off the naughty list, Winter’s inability to follow the rules put the North Pole in a serious jam, right before Santa’s big night. 
Suddenly Christmas needs to be saved and there’s nobody else who’s up to the task. It’s up to the trio of mischief-makers to save the holiday and make Santa proud. Can they fix things in time? Or will they be stuck on the naughty list for good?

Meanwhile, the Halloween themed movie "A Monsterous Holiday" will premiere on the Cartoon Network Wednesday October 16, 6pm ET (check your local listings for other air times). It will be available on DVD on October 15. Watch the trailer here.

The Cartoon Network can be viewed live here.

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