Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sean Astin's Vox Populi Kickstarter Project

Sean Astin has opened a Kickstarter Project to help fund advancements for his popular political podcast, "Vox Populi: The Voice of the Occasionally Interested People," which airs and is archived on toadhopnetwork.com/f/Vox

Sean explains how the funds will be used:

Here is Sean's personal message about the project:

Here's the thing about my Radio Show: I believe it is an actual calling for me. I believe that God (or the Universe if that word makes you more comfortable, I certainly don't want anyone feeling "other'd" by my show) blessed me with a unique ability to help people, particularly those with wildly divergent views, to communicate with civility towards one another. This is the mission of my show. We've done 35 episodes covering many areas of interest to the church (equally sharing pro & con perspectives visa vie any given Christian worldview for example) and explored a myriad of other topics across the spectrum of our political and social world. 

We are now raising money to produce an even more robust experience for our listener/viewers via KickStarter.


I would humbly ask all who read this to consider supporting the fundraiser with a minimum $5 pledge. If you haven't ever done that on KickStarter it is super simple & you can see how smart, thoughtful and caring individuals are supporting artists in a variety of extremely creative ways. As for my Vox Populi campaign, there are a host of really cool rewards for the different amounts to choose from (autographed pics, co-hosting opportunities, for fun - a personalized political or socially relevant recording by the host on your outgoing message or joining on a really cool trip among others).

I see this as a legit grassroots, bottom up, no help from anyone besides YOU campaign. My purpose is clear, give people a forum to express themselves & insure that the exchanges are informative, entertaining and most of all respectful. For these reasons therefore I believe that the universe sees even the smallest gesture as meaningful and honors it.

Also, It would be amazing if you could, if you would, consider sending via email, posting on Facebook or Tweeting this very basic statement:
"Sean Astin is KickStarting his Non-Partisan Political Radio Show." (and include the link)

THAT'S All :-)) 

Consider me EXTREMELY grateful in advance!!! 

And, look forward to wicked cool updates & some other super fun things (ooh mystery) as we go along… 

The Campaign has a ticking clock—29 Days to go & after a day 12% raised (duhn duhn duhnnn).

October 30th is D-Day. If we haven't raised the minimum total $30k we don't get a penny… Sheesh, sounds rough, but that's the drill… I am absolutely positive we will reach the goal and fast, but only if YOU jump in and help move the needle!!!!!

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