Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sean Astin's Saturday at San Diego Comic Con

Saturday at San Diego Comic Con was a day for signing autographs for Sean Astin, first at the Xbox Live booth and then at the Profiles in History booth.

At the Xbox booth, Sean was promoting the action movie "Extraction," in which he plays CIA agent Kyle Black. Extraction, which also stars Danny Glover, Jon Foo,  Vinnie Jones, Joanne Kelly and Falk Hentschel will premiere on on September 5.

While at the Profiles in History booth, Sean signed more autographs, and found time to direct another Vine video!

And of course sign autographs!

Sean received a card with messages from his #Loyals on Twitter.

Sean is surrounded by red-shirted zombies?!

Check out other photos of Sean with the Cutest Hobbit at Comic Con here!

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