Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Behind the scenes on set of The Surface

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the first two days of filming "The Surface" starring Sean Astin and Chris Mulkey.

These lucky people had filming taking place in their neighborhood! Next two photos from lady-brooklyn on Tumblr.

Photo by Jessica77 on Instagram

Sean at the Wheel & Sprocket bike shop

Out for a boat ride during lunch break. Check out more photos here!

This is the boat Sean will spend the next few weeks filming on!

See also this article from the Fox Point Bayside Patch: "North Shore Movie Shoot Features 'Rudy' Star Sean Astin."


  1. Yay! Just when I say "Here's to more shirtless"...there's, well, more shirtless! Love how that whole instant gratification thing works. ;)

    Can't wait for more updates on this one!
    Things are already looking very promising.

    ~ CB42

    1. LOL I saved that second pic for another post on purpose! Two such pics in one post could be dangerous! ;-)

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