Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fan Expo Vancouver Day 2

Sunday was a short day at the Expo for Sean. Before heading to the show, he ran the Vancouver Sun Run 10K in support of Boston (photos and videos here). But still he had time to sign autographs, meet with fans and do the usual photo ops. Here are a few of the photos:

Sean had to leave the show early to fly back to Salt Lake City, where he is filming The Freemason. Sean took the time at the airport to pose with more fans.

Sean and Dylan Siegle, heading out for deplyment.

Sean with young fan Olivia

Accompanying Sean on the flight was his Hollywood Collections Convention host Mitsuaki Munegumi, on his way back to Japan.

Clowning around in the waiting area with Japanese host Mitsuaki Munegumi.


  1. sean is the number (1) &^_^&

  2. Thank you for using my pic! (I'm the guy giving the thumbs up). Someone forwarded this to me and I just wanted to say that Sean was nice above and beyond what was necessary. Truly a cool guy!