Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A few more miscellaneous MEFCC photos of Sean Astin

More Day 1 photos:

Sean with a family from Middle Earth! Posted by @Omzasfour.

The next three photos are Sean with Khaldoun Qaddoura an editor at Layalina Magazine.

Sean was interviewed by Dina Butti of That's Entertainment on Dubai One.

Sean does a little Hogwarts magic with thearabian-guardian-of-fun.

More Day 2:

Sean and Thor

Posted by @maryamtbh

Thearabian-guardian-of-fun comes back for another photo!


  1. Nice images!

    Quick one - Khaldoun Qaddoura is an editor at Layalina Magazine and not one of the organizers of MEFCC!