Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa to the Sea & Byron Goodloe race photos

These photos of Sean at the finish line of the Santa to the Sea half marathon December 11 are courtesy of Gouki Cookie. Official race photos should be available tomorrow.

Sean applauds the finisher just ahead of him.

Crossing the finish line at 2:03:17

Sean posted these photos from the Byron Goodloe 15K on December 3 at his twitter account.

Sean and his racing buddy for the day
To Sean's left is Kim Byron, multi-time runner in the JFK 50 miler.
Sean has expressed interest in running the JFK 50 miler next November!


  1. Awesome pics! Thank you. And omg, running *50* miles?! Now there is a challenge. But I bet he can do it. :-)

  2. It totally blows my mind to think of him running that far, but hey compared to traversing Mordor, should be a piece of cake, LOLOL!! ;-)