Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ceremony honoring John Astin

In recognition of ten years developing and leading the Theatre Arts and Studies program at Johns Hopkins University, the theatre of the newly renovated Merrick Barn was renamed the "John Astin Theatre" on Saturday.

The ceremony was emceed by close family friend, Ed Asner, who used the opportunity to make good-humored jokes at the expense of John and his sons, Sean and Mackenzie. JHU President Ronald Daniels and Arts & Sciences Dean Katherine Newman made remarks and presented a plaque to John, and students performed two short humorous skits, followed by a reception.

My daughter Joy and her boyfriend Devin were fortunate to attend the event and provide photos of the dignitaries. :-D

Devin, Sean and Joy

Joy, Mackenzie and Devin

Joy and honoree John Astin
Joy gets an honor of her own from Ed Asner!

Many thanks to Jennifer Astin for assistance with photos. Further photos should be available later, so stay tuned! :-)


  1. What a wonderful honor for John Astin and how lovely that his sons were there to celebrate with him! Thanks for the awesome photos of the Astin men and Ed Asner. And your daughter and her boyfriend look totally chuffed to be part of it all!

  2. Joy told me today that John seemed totally surprised that the theatre was renamed after him. Sometimes the honorees know when such a thing is happening because a new sign is made up ahead of time, but that didn't seem to be the case.

    Joy and Devin had a blast! The "A" men all were very kind!

  3. Wow, your daughter is a beauty ;) well, shouldn't come as a surprise with that mother ;)

    And Jon Astin awwwww - as a child I always wanted to marry Gomez Addams ... what does that say about me?

    And Sean - he looks so hot in that turtle neck and black is his color anyway.

    Love, love, love your report.

    I think the Astin-men always rock.

  4. Ooooh, how wonderful!!!!! If only you had been able to be there, too! :)))

    Sean looks great in the pics - as does your daughter!!

    *big hugs*

  5. Ulrike, thank you! I think she's lovely to, so I take that as a compliment for both of us! :-D

    All the Astins were looking fine, as was Ed Asner. Haha that's funny you had a crush on Gomez!

  6. Stef, yes it would have been cool if I could have been there. I was in the area just the weekend before. But my daughter was an excellent surrogate, and she had the best time!


  7. How very, very cool!! Everyone looked like they were having fun. And, did you notice Sean's curls?? Mmmmmmmm...... (praeriedikter)

  8. P, Did I notice the curls? What a silly question! ;-)