Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Additional high-res images from Santa Switch

Here are high-res promotional images from Hallmark's "Santa Switch" premiering December 7, 8pm ET.

As the Christmas season approaches, Dan Ryebeck (Ethan Erickson) is facing unemployment, and struggling to pay for the gifts he thinks will impress his two kids. Little does he know his luck is about to turn around when the real Kris Kringle (Donovan Scott) pays him a visit from the North Pole. Deciding to take a vacation and leave Dan in charge, Kris sends his hard-working elf assistant Eddie (Sean Astin) to guide Dan as the new Santa Claus, hoping he'll learn a lesson in Christmas spirit. As the fate of the whole world's Christmas rests in his hands, can Dan focus on what his family really needs without flubbing his greatest gig yet?

Also check out this cute article about how Sean is Mashed Potato King of Christmas in his home! :-)

Open images in new window for larger versions. More high res photos here.

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  1. SO looking forward to this! Sean looks amazing - even with those glasses, which is kind of a challenge. ;)