Sunday, June 9, 2013

More on set photos from "Mom's Night Out"

Sean Astin has finished filming the family comedy "Mom's Night Out," with Sarah Drew, Trace Adkins, Patricia Heaton and Harry Shum Jr. It is expected that the movie will be released in time for Mother's Day 2014. Here are more onset photos, mostly from the Treetop Family Adventures scene, plus a little off-set adventure!

Be sure to scroll down for some interesting trivia about Sean's movie daughter!

Much of the filming took place overnight, though Sean was able to have an adventure of his own with bikers on set for a day scene.

Hobbit on a Harley!

Hard to tell who is more excited: Sean for riding a Harley or the fellow for getting a photo with Sean!

There was also time for a little goofing around between takes.

As filming wound down, Sean posed with many of the cast and crew for photos.

Sean Astin and Abbie Cobb

What it looks like from behind the camera.
A goodbye kiss from the makeup artists.

Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Abbie Cobb and Harry Shum Jr.

Sean wears a sling in some of the scenes!

And finally, here is Sarah Drew with her and Sean's movie daughter, played by Shiloh Nelson.

Shiloh also played Sean's daughter at age 2 in the Lifetime movie "Adopting Terror," filmed in January 2012!

Check here for more behind the scenes news and photos!


  1. Any Patricia Heaton pics??

    1. Since this is a Sean and not a Patricia fan site, I didn't collect photos of her unless Sean was in them. :-) You can check her twitter @PatriciaHeaton and Sarah's @SarahDrewGreys for photos.