Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sean Astin at Disney Princess Half Marathon 2/3

For fans who weren't able to get into the Friday morning meet-up, Sean hung out at the Expo both Friday and Saturday morning. He also ran the Royal Family 5K on Saturday.  Part 1 | Part 3

Sean with Miss Chiquita Banana @Chiquita


Sean loves kids! Posted by @iplandisney


On Saturday, the second day of the Expo, Sean sported his finishers medal from the Royal 5K that morning.


Staring contest with @kristinkalex. Wonder who won!



Before the Royal Family 5K, Sean decorated wrist bands with the names of his wife Christine & daughters Ali, Elizabeth and Bella. He runs 2nd for them.

Sean joined many of the runners in sporting a tiara! Posted by cassanneb.

He gave a pre-race pep-talk.

Getting his medal after finishing the Royal 5K. His time was 24:58, an 8 minute/mile pace! Photo by Lori M. Burke.

Part 1 | Part 3

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