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Sean Astin and Billy Boyd in Bravo Magazine

The latest issue of Bravo Magazine (Germany) has an interview with Sean Astin and Billy Boyd conducted at Ring*Con in October. Many thanks to @crocsfan2 for providing the scan and translation.

The Lord of the Rings Stars
It's THAT hard to be a Hobbit

The "Lord of the Rings" - fans could hardly wait: with "The Hobbit" they would return to Middle-Earth. What would the old Stars think about it?

There are many movies, but only a few become "cult"classics! Of course the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is one of them. In Germany itself, over ten million people (for each film!) saw them. Even now nearly everyone knows what's up with Gandalf the wizard, the insidious Gollum and the One Ring. And of course, who the Hobbits are! Billy Boyd (44) and Sean Astin (41) where two of them and become world-known stars. As Peregrin "Pippin" Took and Samwise "Sam" Gamgee, they fought for Middle-earth. BRAVO met them at "RingCon" in Bonn and talked about their life, faithful fans and new Blockbuster "The Hobbit - an Unexpected Journey" (December 13th)…

BRAVO: "The Lord of the Rings" was ten years ago. Are you still in touch?

SEAN: Sure! But not as much as we wish. So it is great to come together here.

BILLY: I see Dom and Elijah more frequently, they are my best friends. But Sean has got a family and a lot of work... so there is such a small amount of time to meet. But it is as if we've said goodbye just the day before.

BRAVO: How's your Life after that successfull movie?

BILLY (in German): Ich habe jetzt einen Hund, sein Name ist Griffin. (I now own a dog, his name is Griffin.) Good, isn't it ?

SEAN (laughs): It's typical for Billy—he's always joking. But, seriously: because of the movie, everyone thought about us as friendly Hobbits, even in private. That's so sweet, because everybody treats us as friends.
BILLY: Everybody recognizes us.

BRAVO: Even today ?

SEAN: It often happens when I'm shopping. All of a sudden someone is screaming: "Oh my God! You are Sam !"

BRAVO: Didn't you get used to it?

BILLY: I don't want to! I like how faithful our fans are.

SEAN: It concerns me, this love, and it would never ever bother me if somebody approach me. Often I witnessed Stars who are bugged and behave like a Diva. I don't understand that. The fans are the reason why we are actors. Without them, there wouldn't be a movie !

BRAVO: What comes first to your mind, when you think about the shooting of the movie?

BILLY (snorts with laughter): One day we were shooting in the Pampa, and just for fun Sean asked if someone could get him a McFlurry. In that moment, I REALLY want one !

SEAN: Why on earth comes THAT to your mind ?

BILLY: I don't know maybe I'm hoggish....

SEAN: Right! I shouldn't tattle, but me and Elijah were eating those Instant-Pastas a lot!
(Laughs and then sighs) There are so much memories - even bad ones: One day there was so much rain, our apartments got flooded. There were boats swimming in the streets!

BRAVO: Are you often asked about "The Hobbit"?

SEAN: I'm constantly asked if Elijah or Orlando, who are both in the movie, told me any secrets about it. But if I'm on the phone with them we just talk about private things, not work.

BILLY: Yeah, we know nothing!

BRAVO: You are not in this Movie. What do you feel about this hype as non-participants ?

SEAN: It's bittersweet. It reminds me how much fun it was to shoot "Lord of the Rings" but I'm happy that it is happening.

BRAVO: Are you following all the news around "The Hobbit"?

SEAN: Of course! I'm watching every trailer and I'll be happy when it premieres—like every fan.
I tell you a secret: I love that book! Nearly more than "Lord of the Rings" probably because it's based on a children's book which I can understand… (laughs)

BRAVO: On December 13th the first movie will enter the Cinema. Part 2 and 3 will follow in 2013 and 2014. That implies three years of action, interviews, photo-shooting… do you have a tip for your successors?

BILLY: When I got married, a friend told me: "Sometimes you should take a break and remember the most beautifull moments in your life. NEVER forget them!" That's what I would Tell the new stars. They will travel the world, go to premiers with 10.000 screaming fans. Soon it will be routine—but they should never see it as "normal." It's something special and it will change their lifes forever! It becomes clear how cool that is! You are now a part of Middle-Earth, part of something great! There a such a few with this honor.

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